Friday, December 19, 2008

Final semester animation

Yar! So here it is, my final semester animation. I wish computers were friendlier with me while they rendered these things. Damn things crash to much. Dammit.

Sometime soon: my animation VHS footage.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Run Cycle tests

Just doing some quick run cycle tests for my film character. It's hard animating a run in this perspective! Had to kinda lay out a stencil beneath the rough and so forth. Still needs some work.

I'm really much more comfortable animating on paper. But in the meanwhile away from school, I'll do tests in flash. Here was my process:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And so Semester One comes to a close!

Calarts is an animation boot camp. Period. You're picked up, thrown to the ground, and just when you're trying to get up, you're suddenly hanging upside down trying to juggle pianos with on arm behind you're back. Metaphorically speaking of course. Or somethings.

Um.. sorry, what I meant to say is.. it was a freaking huge ton of work. But I loved it all! It was an experience like no other. You're pushing yourself to do better, and others are pushing you. The talent pool here is insane, and it really humbles you, but the drive to improve is increased too. Say goodbye to your bed, sleep, and even daily showers, because the Character Animation program at Calarts will drag you through the rocks and back. You'll never work harder in you're life. But in all, it's an experience I wouldn't trade for anything. I already miss the school.

And that's my summery of Semester 1. Bring it on Semester 2!!

I wish I had more of my work scanned to post... but yeah, the flight back for break left little time to do much. Anyway, here are some old perspective assignments. Stay tuned for my Animation Semester Final Assignment thing. And my reel perhaps.

BG113.png picture by SwiftSketcher

CandyKid.png picture by SwiftSketcher

I think I'm set for my film idea, and after extended feedback from classmates and teachers, I think I'll be able to refine the story and boards by the end of the break. Hopefully I can begin animation by January. You'll be seeing a lot more of Leonardo soon.