Friday, December 19, 2008

Final semester animation

Yar! So here it is, my final semester animation. I wish computers were friendlier with me while they rendered these things. Damn things crash to much. Dammit.

Sometime soon: my animation VHS footage.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Run Cycle tests

Just doing some quick run cycle tests for my film character. It's hard animating a run in this perspective! Had to kinda lay out a stencil beneath the rough and so forth. Still needs some work.

I'm really much more comfortable animating on paper. But in the meanwhile away from school, I'll do tests in flash. Here was my process:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And so Semester One comes to a close!

Calarts is an animation boot camp. Period. You're picked up, thrown to the ground, and just when you're trying to get up, you're suddenly hanging upside down trying to juggle pianos with on arm behind you're back. Metaphorically speaking of course. Or somethings.

Um.. sorry, what I meant to say is.. it was a freaking huge ton of work. But I loved it all! It was an experience like no other. You're pushing yourself to do better, and others are pushing you. The talent pool here is insane, and it really humbles you, but the drive to improve is increased too. Say goodbye to your bed, sleep, and even daily showers, because the Character Animation program at Calarts will drag you through the rocks and back. You'll never work harder in you're life. But in all, it's an experience I wouldn't trade for anything. I already miss the school.

And that's my summery of Semester 1. Bring it on Semester 2!!

I wish I had more of my work scanned to post... but yeah, the flight back for break left little time to do much. Anyway, here are some old perspective assignments. Stay tuned for my Animation Semester Final Assignment thing. And my reel perhaps.

BG113.png picture by SwiftSketcher

CandyKid.png picture by SwiftSketcher

I think I'm set for my film idea, and after extended feedback from classmates and teachers, I think I'll be able to refine the story and boards by the end of the break. Hopefully I can begin animation by January. You'll be seeing a lot more of Leonardo soon.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Possible first year film character.

His name is Leonardo.

Leonardointhestreets.png film concept picture by SwiftSketcher
Leonardo2.png Leonardo Concept picture by SwiftSketcherBG1131.png Leonardo Concept 2 picture by SwiftSketcher

Might just be my final character. Maybe. Need to do some animation tests first..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

48 Hour Hair Spectacular.

Lockdown film.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

So here's the rundown,

Well usually I don't post because I'm really forgetful or enslaved with work, but this time it's because of an entirely different reason. In a nutshell, medical reasons threw me into the hospital for exactly two weeks, and amongst the post release, recovery and catching up with school work there just hasn't been time to keep up posting. But in time I should have a lot more content to post. I hate that I missed two weeks, but I'm totally better now and happy to be in full swing back at Calarts.

And of course the lockdown! It's been Calarts tradition for the past 5 years or so to hold an event called the 48-hour lockdown. Here you have 48 hours animate a short film. On the eve of the lockdown there's a drawing of a word from a hat that reveals the lockdown's topic. This year's word was "hair", and you guessed it, you need to animate up some hair. Actually you can pretty much do whatever you want, as long as hair appears in a frame of the film.

The drawing was the week I was let out of the hospital, and being the nut that I am with all my backed up homework, I did the film anyway. I'm happy to say it's finished and awaiting to premiere with some other hilarious stuff this Saturday. I'll post it here after the Lockdown show.

Here's a preview still:
Stay tuned for the upload this weekend. STAY TUNED DAMMIT!!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Life drawing action!

Off to a shaky start after a long break from life drawing... Need to get better. We have awesome models here. They put the ones you find normally to shame. Anyway, here are the drawings I didn't hate.
If they look kind of janky, it was because they had to be pieced together from the scan. All are 15-20 mins.
LifeDrawingB-Week2.jpg life drawing 5 picture by SwiftSketcher
LifeDrawingC-Week2.jpg life drawing 4 picture by SwiftSketcherLifeDrawingA-Week2-1.jpg picture by SwiftSketcherLifeDrawingE-Week2.jpg life drawing 2 picture by SwiftSketcher
LifeDrawingD-Week2.jpg life drawing 3 picture by SwiftSketcher
LifeDrawingF-Week2.jpg life drawing picture by SwiftSketcher

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Arrival at Calarts: I love this place so damn much.

Although free time is really short, and homework is quickly piling up.

Anyway, Calarts is frikken amazing and the people here are so goddamned talented...! It's really the place to be if you want to push yourself to improve. Only here can you have spontaneous sketch sessions while watching the Iron Giant on the big screen. The people are super cool and friendly and you can finally have those nerdy animation discussions you've been aching to have.

Student films for freshmen are locked at exactly 90 seconds, credits included, no synched sound or dialogue. Sophomores get 2 mins, Juniors 5, and Seniors up to 7. Classes are about to finally pick up steam next week, but so far they seem pretty cool. Our storyboard teacher works at Disney, our CG teacher is currently working on Bolt, and our Animation teacher was one of the animators on Hogarth in the Iron Giant and is currently working on a 2D soccer film.

FC100A02BEGINNING ANIMATIONNguyen, Mike1.50T 7pm to 10pmPALACE
FC101A02BEGINNING CGI ANIMATIONAquino, John1.50Th 7pm to 10pmA108
FC105A02INTRO TO DIGITAL PRODUCTIONLebow, David1.00T 9am to 12 NoonA108
FC110ABEGINNING LIFE DRAWINGMitchell, Michael3.00Th 9am to 4pmPALACE
FC115A02BASIC PERSPECTIVEHansen, Dan2.00M 9am to 12 NoonPALACE
FC140-02COLOR AND DESIGN IHobaica, Leo2.00T 1pm to 4pmPALACE
FC371-02STORY FOR ANIMATORS II (SOPHOMORES)Meeks, Chris2.00F 1pm to 3pmA221O

Apparently there are going to be 10 guest speakers this semester alone, although a solid list of dates have yet to materialize. So looks like an exciting year ahead, and everyone seems anxious to start, I know I am.

I guess I'll try to post more artwork too, I have a habit of not doing that. Here's this perspective thing I did.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Portfolio Guide is up!

For me, it was tough to search the web for solid info on how to make a portfolio. Especially one as ambitious as a Calarts portfolio. So alongside finally uploading my atrocious work online, I tried to write a thorough guide to provide as much info as possible on this endeavor. It has almost all the useful information I can recall learning from others, students, teachers, and myself in my tribulation in creating my first portfolio.

It also has links to other guides that are really useful as well, so check it out!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm a bad person.

I said I’d update this blog, I yet I haven’t. That... makes me a liar. Or lazy.
^I’m good at this.

Ok, so maybe it’s harder to consistently update these blog things than I thought. But anyway, yes, I’m asleep at the wheel.
BUT! There have been exciting developments! For one, Calarts has finally blessed me with my hideous portfolio back.

^It’s back! And yes, It flew me home.

A little late, but everything’s intact, blood, tears and all. And, as promised I will post the entirety of my portfolio’s contents online, probably on a separate blog link. I know how useful it is for those looking to apply to Calarts to look at other’s work as a point of reference, so within the week it shall be uploaded. But personally, although it got me accepted, I’m still not totally happy with my portfolio. Looking back on some of it is cringe worthy in areas. Perhaps I’m being my worst critic, but I have so many areas to improve on it’s overwhelming. But ehhh. Enough of that.

Looking at the calendar reminds me: It’s freaking August already. Like, Jesus. Where has the time gone. I’m really leaving my hometown, my family, and everyone I know in a month. It’s a massive pool of anxiety and excitement for the future. But I’m not here to spread my angst, no, none of you want that. Instead, look for a portfolio post very soon.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Damn mean orcs.

I've wanted to enter the Chades Challenge for a while now (CHAracter DESign), so I finally got around to jumping in. 
This week's challenge was mean orcs. I think these are what orcs look like. Orc children. Yeah. 

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Got this for my birthday a few weeks ago. Seemed fitting. Might need to sell the black beast beside it if I don't have enough money soon though.


There are $26 inside, if you really wanna know.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Saturday, March 8, 2008


I still can't really believe it, but somehow, I GOT IN, I was accepted to Calarts!!!

I'll be sure to post my full portfolio online when I get it back in (May?) I''ll also put some of my sketchbook work up too, coupled with my animations. 

I want to thank Mario at and everyone from the forums, they were a huge component of this crazy race to the deadline. Thank you, all of you =)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Just a drawing...

Monday, January 7, 2008

So, here's the mediocre animation I promised:

After a ton of deliberation, I decided that it was in my best interest to make my animation submission completely hand-drawn. Although I did put the individual frames together using flash, I really wanted to stick to traditional hands-on-paper animation. It was really labourous as an at-home project *especially the watercolor*, but well worth the effort. I learned a lot. 

So yeah, there are two films. The first is the watercolor film, which looking back on it, is extremely slow-paced and recycles animation far too often. And also, the hunter in the beginning is holding a shotgun, not a stick, and the bear has already been shot. A lot of people seem confused by this, heh. Blame my sub-par ability of story telling =)
The second film I made in about 5 days, give or take scanning time. Some parts look really crude, but I tried to do some challenging things like running and hand animations just to see how it would come out. 

So there you go, two home-made traditionally animated films, just like mom used to make! I wish I hadn't included the first on the DVD, but at least I tried a different approach. 

Calarts Portfolio 2007: The ride of a lifetime!

What a shame I've been unable to update for so long, but spare time has become pretty hard to come by as of late. But I'll try to summarize my experience of putting together my portfolio up to this point.

For one, I wish I had found out about the school a lot earlier. I found out about it in mid-April I believe, but unfortunately that was far too late to apply for CSSSA, which would have really helped I think. And to have more time to put together a portfolio would have been great too, but seeing as I had the little time I did, I focused the remaining months into life-drawing. That early in the game I had no clue as to what I was going to include in my portfolio. I really wanted to make an animation to include, but I didn't want to do it in flash in favor for a more traditional approach. How I would get that together I had no idea, but that would only be supplement stuff for later if I had time. 

I was also battling the idea of which deadline to send to, early or regular. On one hand, early is cheaper and you have fresher eyes to look at your work, and on the other, the late deadline allows for your absolute best and latest work to be submitted. I decided to aim for the early deadline, and if I wasn't fit to send, I'd postpone until mid-December. So Summer approached and I worked as hard as I could to get my act together for my portfolio. So many classes, so many late nights, so many new approaches, so many challenges, but all in all it was a great summer to draw! 

The deadline always seemed to be breathing behind my neck, but when school started, the pressure really started to kick in. The November deadline seemed closer than ever and I didn't have nearly the amount of portfolio pieces I wanted, nor did it look like I was going to get an animation off the ground. In early November though, I was blessed with the chance to visit the school to meet students teachers and make it just in time for the Pixar lecture. Plus I got to meet a ton of Animated Buzz posters in addition to some Calartian Bloggers. An unforgettable, inspiring three-day weekend that I can't thank my parents enough for. I got some good pieces for my portfolio from that visit, and the inspiration to really tackle my ambition to include an animation. 

So I took a couple of days off from school to really make sure my portfolio was ready (plus getting a flash-format animation into video form was harder than you could believe, at least for me..) Thankfully it worked out just in time. 

The week before handing in the portfolio was pure hell though. I'm really indecisive, and I was so split on what to include, in what order, what to throw out, including too much or too little... it was a hectic 8 days~ Luckily fiddlinartist at the animated buzz forums was at hand at the last minute in the forums to help me out, thanks again! 

The trip to the mail office was so nerve-wracking. I couldn't stop thinking how this was really it, I was actually sending off my portfolio. The week waiting for it to arrive to Calarts was also stressful, God forbid it got lost in the mail... It arrived on the 29th safe and sound, and then the waiting began... and continues... 

Although I worked very hard on the portfolio, I can't say I would have left it without changes. I wish I could have taken out some things among other alterations, but for now, I'll have to wait and see. Regardless of what happens, I'm ramping up for my 2008 portfolio, ready to double my efforts for this incoming year. After sending it in, I did take a month-long break, but now all focus is on seeing what I can do to improve.

Unfortunately, I was unable to take pictures of my final portfolio due to time constraints. When I get it back, I'll upload pics. I do have my animation to show off on my next post, so stay tuned for that.