Saturday, September 20, 2008

Life drawing action!

Off to a shaky start after a long break from life drawing... Need to get better. We have awesome models here. They put the ones you find normally to shame. Anyway, here are the drawings I didn't hate.
If they look kind of janky, it was because they had to be pieced together from the scan. All are 15-20 mins.
LifeDrawingB-Week2.jpg life drawing 5 picture by SwiftSketcher
LifeDrawingC-Week2.jpg life drawing 4 picture by SwiftSketcherLifeDrawingA-Week2-1.jpg picture by SwiftSketcherLifeDrawingE-Week2.jpg life drawing 2 picture by SwiftSketcher
LifeDrawingD-Week2.jpg life drawing 3 picture by SwiftSketcher
LifeDrawingF-Week2.jpg life drawing picture by SwiftSketcher


yebkamin said...

Damn Carlos your stuff is prety sick!

Cindey said...

hey carlos!
nice to see your stuff. :) hope you're back and posting again soon.