Saturday, September 13, 2008

Arrival at Calarts: I love this place so damn much.

Although free time is really short, and homework is quickly piling up.

Anyway, Calarts is frikken amazing and the people here are so goddamned talented...! It's really the place to be if you want to push yourself to improve. Only here can you have spontaneous sketch sessions while watching the Iron Giant on the big screen. The people are super cool and friendly and you can finally have those nerdy animation discussions you've been aching to have.

Student films for freshmen are locked at exactly 90 seconds, credits included, no synched sound or dialogue. Sophomores get 2 mins, Juniors 5, and Seniors up to 7. Classes are about to finally pick up steam next week, but so far they seem pretty cool. Our storyboard teacher works at Disney, our CG teacher is currently working on Bolt, and our Animation teacher was one of the animators on Hogarth in the Iron Giant and is currently working on a 2D soccer film.

FC100A02BEGINNING ANIMATIONNguyen, Mike1.50T 7pm to 10pmPALACE
FC101A02BEGINNING CGI ANIMATIONAquino, John1.50Th 7pm to 10pmA108
FC105A02INTRO TO DIGITAL PRODUCTIONLebow, David1.00T 9am to 12 NoonA108
FC110ABEGINNING LIFE DRAWINGMitchell, Michael3.00Th 9am to 4pmPALACE
FC115A02BASIC PERSPECTIVEHansen, Dan2.00M 9am to 12 NoonPALACE
FC140-02COLOR AND DESIGN IHobaica, Leo2.00T 1pm to 4pmPALACE
FC371-02STORY FOR ANIMATORS II (SOPHOMORES)Meeks, Chris2.00F 1pm to 3pmA221O

Apparently there are going to be 10 guest speakers this semester alone, although a solid list of dates have yet to materialize. So looks like an exciting year ahead, and everyone seems anxious to start, I know I am.

I guess I'll try to post more artwork too, I have a habit of not doing that. Here's this perspective thing I did.


mayumi said...

Damn, your perspective homework is lookin' SWEET!


Jennifer Walford said...

I'm so jealous! This school sounds intriguing. Good Luck!

Ellen Yu said...