Saturday, August 8, 2009

A post from the Past.

...uhhh... Got nothing else to post, so here's a bunch of old film stuff!

Recently my harddrive went berserk and caused the destruction of all my files. I found some videos of rough animation and old story reels of my film as I sifted through my back up drive, so I thought I'd upload them! And most of my files are intact thankfully, film included.

First off are some images from my portfolio with some Leonardo, cat and dog development. Also some drawings of the city.

Here is the first story reel pass from my film. The entire beginning had to be restructured. I liked the pacing of this intro better, but in reality, there was both no time and no seconds to spare. The actual animation went way over time from the reel, which was a huge headache to trim down from what I had planned.

And here is the entire second semester of my life, animation! Or 70% of it. Here is most of the pencil test animation from my film, some parts rushed, some parts even more rushed. Would have done a lot differently looking back on it.. namely with better drawings =P.

If you notice in the animation where Leon is running with his back turned to the screen dodging traffic and what not, he is not holding the plank of wood in his hand after having picked it up from the fence near the dog. After I had cleaned, scanned, alpha channeled and composited one of the longest animation sequences in my film, I made the horrific discovery he was missing the damn plank of wood. I had to go back, erase and redraw that arm with the plank in his hand, rescan, re-alpha channel, and re-composite again right in the middle of crunch!! Somehow I lived.