Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm a bad person.

I said I’d update this blog, I yet I haven’t. That... makes me a liar. Or lazy.
^I’m good at this.

Ok, so maybe it’s harder to consistently update these blog things than I thought. But anyway, yes, I’m asleep at the wheel.
BUT! There have been exciting developments! For one, Calarts has finally blessed me with my hideous portfolio back.

^It’s back! And yes, It flew me home.

A little late, but everything’s intact, blood, tears and all. And, as promised I will post the entirety of my portfolio’s contents online, probably on a separate blog link. I know how useful it is for those looking to apply to Calarts to look at other’s work as a point of reference, so within the week it shall be uploaded. But personally, although it got me accepted, I’m still not totally happy with my portfolio. Looking back on some of it is cringe worthy in areas. Perhaps I’m being my worst critic, but I have so many areas to improve on it’s overwhelming. But ehhh. Enough of that.

Looking at the calendar reminds me: It’s freaking August already. Like, Jesus. Where has the time gone. I’m really leaving my hometown, my family, and everyone I know in a month. It’s a massive pool of anxiety and excitement for the future. But I’m not here to spread my angst, no, none of you want that. Instead, look for a portfolio post very soon.

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