Monday, January 7, 2008

Calarts Portfolio 2007: The ride of a lifetime!

What a shame I've been unable to update for so long, but spare time has become pretty hard to come by as of late. But I'll try to summarize my experience of putting together my portfolio up to this point.

For one, I wish I had found out about the school a lot earlier. I found out about it in mid-April I believe, but unfortunately that was far too late to apply for CSSSA, which would have really helped I think. And to have more time to put together a portfolio would have been great too, but seeing as I had the little time I did, I focused the remaining months into life-drawing. That early in the game I had no clue as to what I was going to include in my portfolio. I really wanted to make an animation to include, but I didn't want to do it in flash in favor for a more traditional approach. How I would get that together I had no idea, but that would only be supplement stuff for later if I had time. 

I was also battling the idea of which deadline to send to, early or regular. On one hand, early is cheaper and you have fresher eyes to look at your work, and on the other, the late deadline allows for your absolute best and latest work to be submitted. I decided to aim for the early deadline, and if I wasn't fit to send, I'd postpone until mid-December. So Summer approached and I worked as hard as I could to get my act together for my portfolio. So many classes, so many late nights, so many new approaches, so many challenges, but all in all it was a great summer to draw! 

The deadline always seemed to be breathing behind my neck, but when school started, the pressure really started to kick in. The November deadline seemed closer than ever and I didn't have nearly the amount of portfolio pieces I wanted, nor did it look like I was going to get an animation off the ground. In early November though, I was blessed with the chance to visit the school to meet students teachers and make it just in time for the Pixar lecture. Plus I got to meet a ton of Animated Buzz posters in addition to some Calartian Bloggers. An unforgettable, inspiring three-day weekend that I can't thank my parents enough for. I got some good pieces for my portfolio from that visit, and the inspiration to really tackle my ambition to include an animation. 

So I took a couple of days off from school to really make sure my portfolio was ready (plus getting a flash-format animation into video form was harder than you could believe, at least for me..) Thankfully it worked out just in time. 

The week before handing in the portfolio was pure hell though. I'm really indecisive, and I was so split on what to include, in what order, what to throw out, including too much or too little... it was a hectic 8 days~ Luckily fiddlinartist at the animated buzz forums was at hand at the last minute in the forums to help me out, thanks again! 

The trip to the mail office was so nerve-wracking. I couldn't stop thinking how this was really it, I was actually sending off my portfolio. The week waiting for it to arrive to Calarts was also stressful, God forbid it got lost in the mail... It arrived on the 29th safe and sound, and then the waiting began... and continues... 

Although I worked very hard on the portfolio, I can't say I would have left it without changes. I wish I could have taken out some things among other alterations, but for now, I'll have to wait and see. Regardless of what happens, I'm ramping up for my 2008 portfolio, ready to double my efforts for this incoming year. After sending it in, I did take a month-long break, but now all focus is on seeing what I can do to improve.

Unfortunately, I was unable to take pictures of my final portfolio due to time constraints. When I get it back, I'll upload pics. I do have my animation to show off on my next post, so stay tuned for that.

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