Saturday, March 8, 2008


I still can't really believe it, but somehow, I GOT IN, I was accepted to Calarts!!!

I'll be sure to post my full portfolio online when I get it back in (May?) I''ll also put some of my sketchbook work up too, coupled with my animations. 

I want to thank Mario at and everyone from the forums, they were a huge component of this crazy race to the deadline. Thank you, all of you =)


JonnyAshley said...

Congrats Car2oon!

-Jonny Ashley

Janine said...

Really Congratulations! You are so lucky :-)

Michael H said...

Hey, congrats again. This is OrangeRush from AnimatedBuzz. Glad you got accepted. Great stuff you have here. I hope your transition to California goes smoothly. Take it easy. At least we don't have to stress out about not knowing anymore right? Wooh hoo!! That's worth a lot.

Tahnee said...

Yayy congrats on getting in, I got my letter today too!!! I'm saying congrats to other CalArts bloggers :D