Monday, September 21, 2009

Cooking up second year.

Okay that was an awful post title, but I have chef drawings here and there was no other choice.

So a summer of fun, learning, and back breaking labor has ended! I couldn't have dreamed of a better experience, and there's no way I can thank those enough who helped me grow over the break. But now it's back to school at Calarts as an official second year!

It's been great getting to see everyone again and people seem pretty pumped for sophomore year, and even more have film ideas ready to go. Woo! I really wanna focus on my animation this year... So the faster my story and stuff solidifies the better.

And so here are some chefs from an assignment in character design class with Rik Maki (TAKE THIS CLASS. IT IS FANTASTIC)


yebkamin said...

Nice chief designs Carlos

MatthewWilkins said...

You've got some groovy designs. :) Your stuff always makes me think vintage 70s toon. :) Love it.

Mayumi said...



Janine Chang said...

very nice designs!

Aurian said...

Dude! Can't wait for this. Hope all is good up at CalArts.