Monday, May 28, 2012 Artwork

I was recently commissioned to produce some artwork for longtime gaming site They had various "What If" scenarios in gaming, each needing a drawing to be clear and eye-catching. It was a bit of a tight schedule, but also pretty fun! Here are some of the drawings I did. You can also check them out at itself:

What if the Dreamcast survived?
What if the price of games continued to rise in the 80's?

What if the Sony/Nintendo gaming console came to fruition?

Exclusivity agreements in sports games

What if Star Wars had flopped?

What if your Princess wasn't in another castle?
What if Spielberg had never touched a camera?
What if Steam never recovered from it's horrible launch?

Here are some of the rough drawings for good measure:

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Toniko said...

Hilarious man! hahaha drake's accounting